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Winter Prey


Terrified she will harm her newly-adopted daughter in the throes of a PTSD flashback, Kymbria James travels to the Minnesota Northwood to work with a Native American healer. As the monster captures one after another tribal member and drags each off to its lair, Kymbria is forced into the quest to destroy it—to confront both her emotional situation and the monster... if she can find the courage.

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Silent Prey


Unable to bear the daily reminders of her grief any longer, Dr. Channing Drury travels a thousand miles north to seek a new life. Almost as soon as she arrives, she realizes she chose wrong. She's unable to save the child rushed to the clinic amidst the falling snow — a little girl the age her own daughter would have been, had she lived.

Nothing Keoman Thunderwood tries can restore the gifts that are the most important part of his life. When a supernatural entity rises and ruthlessly destroys everyone who tries to thwart its quest, Keoman is determined to at least protect Channing from trying to discover why the entity is targeting her for help.

The Ojibways believe the only way to serve justice on Nenegean, the monster of lore who frightens children, is to destroy her. But another malevolent monster is preying on the precious little ones, a human one. The tribe believes there is no lesser of these two evils, and both must be eradicated.

Silent Prey is the second book in the Northwood Prey series, the intertwined stories of Keoman and Channing. Each has an inner battle to overcome, and perhaps they can help one another. First, though, the second entity to prowl the Northwood rises from her grave to stalk the land. Nenegean cursed the people who thwarted her journey three hundred years ago. Now she seeks to mete out her own reprisal on the malevolence in this beautiful land. 

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