Dead Man Talking


Weird things tend to happen when you live in a haunted house — not that author/ghost hunter Alice Carpenter has a problem disciplining the ten resident ghosts in her lakeside log cabin near forgotten-time Six Gun, Texas. But before she can even pack after a desperate call from her cousin Katy about the ghost in her mansion wreaking havoc, Katy finds a headless corpse in her swimming pool. Now two ghosts are creating mayhem!

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Dead Man Haunt


The small town of Mineral Springs, Texas, will never be the same after Alice Carpenter and her cohorts in paranormal and murder investigations depart. Patrick, a gorgeous naked ghost, gains her agreement to help him on his quest to pass through The Light, then leads Alice into a crumbling historical hotel, where she discovers a new murder—a woman severed in half at the bottom of an elevator shaft.

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Dead Man Hand


Alice, Twila, Granny, Jack, Trucker and Miss Molly are at it again, this time in a haunted hotel in Red Dollar, New Mexico. Shades of the Wild West, the ghosts are carrying six-shooters! The villain is armed with Black Magic, and there's no escape for anyone during the ice storm.

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Dead Man Ohio


There's a monster under the bed! No, wait, it's too big to fit there. It's stealing Alice's car! Our intrepid crew of ghost hunters is at it again, this time in Ohio, where ghosts from the state's long-standing history roam the woods, and mythological beasts exist only in lore. Or do they?

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A Novella

It's Mardi Gras time in N'awlins, and guess who's partying? Alice has talked Twila into joining her, and of course, Trucker and Miss Molly are around. Even Granny makes an appearance. You don't think Granny Chisolm would miss a chance to catch a slew of beads, do you?

But despite Alice's insistence that she's not interested in that gorgeous Cajun detective, Jack Roucheau, Fate keeps throwing them together after they meet him over a new dead body. Love can never grow between them, however, Why, Jack doesn't believe in ghosts!

Come to the party city and watch as Twila is proven right about what Alice refuses to admit: that opposites do attract. Oh, and there are a couple of murders to solve, too. Billy Ray, a mystery writer who is the latest victim of a voodoo curse, and Elvira, once a voodoo queen in Storyville.

Dead Man Love is a prequel novella in the Dead Man Mystery Series. It's not foremost the answer to the murders, although that happens. Most importantly, it's love between two of our favorite characters and answers a question that our author, T. M. Simmons, always wondered about. How did Jack and Alice meet back then? She hopes you enjoy it!

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dead man series collection 1

Dead Man Series Collection I 

For the first time, the adventures of Alice, Twila, Granny, Jack, Trucker and Miss Molly are together in a single volume. Dead Man Series Collection I includes: Dead Man Talking, Dead Man Haunt and Dead Man Hand.

Weird things tend to happen when you live in a haunted house. But author/ghost hunter Alice Carpenter disciplines the ghosts that she and her zany crew encounter as they unravel double murder mysteries in each of these supernatural adventures. From Jefferson, Texas, in Dead Man Talking to Mineral Springs, Texas, in Dead Man Haunt and Red Dollar, New Mexico, in Dead Man Hand, Alice follows the clues (and the ghosts!) to bring peace to the spirits and resolution to those left behind. 

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