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LWDF - Volume 1


T. M. Simmons lives with dead folks. She's had as many as ten ghosts sharing her haunted house at one time over the years. Some she helps cross over. However, a couple of them have decided to hang around and live their afterlife as a paranormal boarder at the Simmons home.

In 2012, Simmons found she experienced many smaller paranormal incidents in her day-to-day life, incidents that were rather common place to her, but not significant enough to merit an entire story in Ghost Hunting Diary Volume I through more. She decided to begin a blog, and her readers there enjoyed these other tidbits of her paranormal life.

Living with Dead Folks Volume One is a collection of the blog entries from Simmons' I See Dead Folks blog from its inception through 2012. Another collection will follow when 2013 comes to a close.

She hopes you enjoy reading these with as much pleasure as she had re-reading and preparing them for this new book. Some are fun and light-hearted romps into the paranormal world. Others … well, you might want to keep the lights on.

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LWFD - Volume 2


Should you read this one with the lights on? Some of the blog entries might make you reach for the bedside or chair-side lamp. Take your chances!

These are the 2013 entries from T. M. Simmons' weekly blog. She seldom misses a week, but don't start counting, because there aren't exactly 52. Once in a while, life interferes. She never lets her paranormal boarders interfere, however. Even though at times she has as many as ten of them sharing space in what she sometimes refers to as her paranormal boarding house, the ghosts are disciplined. If not … well, let's just say Simmons has a way of handling the ghosts she encounters.

Take your shoes off, or leave them on. Sit a spell, with or without the lights on. Simmons hopes you read these with as much enjoyment as she had writing them.

Please don't try to imitate what she does alone, however, or without the proper measure of respect for the paranormal. Have no doubt, the supernatural is a real dimension, with real entities. Some are just fun or lonely. Some … well, those are the ones you don't want to risk chancing upon without a seasoned paranormal professional at your back.


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LWDF - Volume 3


Would you live in a haunted house? Now, before you answer that question, be honest with yourself. Do ghost really scare you, despite the brave front you put on to others? Do you have a plentiful supply of clean underwear for when the ghosts pop in to cause mischief? Do you have the fortitude to discipline the ghosts into obedience, or better yet, cross these poor lost souls into the light so they can find peace instead of confusion?

Ghosts are not pets, y'all. And if they bee-bop into T. M. Simmons' world, she either sends them into the light or disciplines them with both love and tough love. Simmons lives in a haunted house day in and day out, and has done so for over thirty years. A few years ago, she started writing a weekly or bi-weekly blog about life in her paranormal boarding house, as well as her adventures as a paranormal investigator. This is her third collection of those blogs, gathered and updated from the ones she wrote in 2014. Read on, with or without the lights on, depending on how often you wish to wash your drawers. 

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