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GHD - Volume I


This collection of true ghost tales are a few from a selection of diaries kept by T. M. Simmons during her twenty years of encounters in the paranormal world. Until now, she only shared these with a few friends and relatives. Sit down, take your shoes off and stay a while as you enjoy some scary romps through the supernatural.

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GHD - Volume II


This second collection of true tales from the ghost hunting diaries of T. M. Simmons includes "Shades of the Wild Wild West." This scary tale takes place during a cemetery investigation, where one of her friends is attacked by an evil entity and nearly choked to death before Simmons can fight off the entity. She hopes you enjoy them all.

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GHD - Volume 3


Turn out the lights, stoke up the fire, and enjoy another set of true spooky tales from the cache of T. M. Simmons' ghost hunting diaries. This collection includes the true tale of how Simmons and fellow paranormal investigator, Angela Rogers, banished a demon that was torturing and killing animals on a friend's farm. The work she does is never for the inexperienced!

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GHD - Volume IV


Boo! Things do seem to go bump in the night when Simmons and her aunt prowl a haunted house or cemeteries during both dark and full moons. It's a scary Halloween all year round for this ghost hunter and her readers. One day maybe Simmons will find out what evil entity tried to share her bed in "Hot Springs Heart Attack (Almost)", but it's not high on her priority list.

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GHD - Volume V


Get comfortable and settle in for another eerie, spooky ride into the supernatural with T. M. Simmons' latest: Ghost Hunting Diary Volume V. Parts of some tales will make you chuckle at the ghostly antics, and perhaps the reactions of the investigators. Others will have you glancing around to assure yourself there are no monsters in the room with you.

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     Has it been too long since you've been scared? The long-awaited Ghost Hunting Diary Volume VI is finally here! Curl up in your favorite chair, set your favorite sipping beverage beside you, and settle in for another

spooky ride into the paranormal.
    You'll wander into Louisiana in "Cajun Crossovers," although it's not the ride you think it will be. Then back to Texas for some ride-alongs with Aunt Belle and her cohort, T. M., as they investigate the "Old Calvert Nursing Home" and granddaughter "Tara's Home." Yep, the SRT crew does "do" a cemetery again; graveyards after dark are still one of their favorite haunts. T.M. also continues her work to help lost, wandering souls in "Crossing Over Violent Death Victims." Then you'll see what happens when one of the nasties is able to breach Simmons' own house in "Demon at the Door."
    If you feel some eyes watching you while you read, T.M. hopes it's not too far from your chair to the light switch on the wall. Sometimes it looks like quite a distance in a dark room where ghosts might be prowling, huh?